Transforming concussion, mental health, and neurodivergent treatment and care.

The Neurodiversity Clinic

Above all, you are not broken. We know there are so many challenges that can come with being neurodivergent and/or injured. Our mission is to provide you with a supportive environment, therapeutic guidance, and both peer and research-based knowledge in order to nourish your nervous system to faclitate healing so you can realize your life’s aspirations.

We’re here to honor your truth, acknowledge social context, and support you in recognizing your lovability, authenticity, and capacity for growth. All of who you are, is welcome to show up with us. We’re here for you!

A New Way to Provide Therapy & Help Our Clients Heal

We use a diverse range of therapeutic modalities including a cutting-edge research-based approach to post-concussion syndrome, the latest trauma therapy modalities including EMDR, and sensory-based somatic occupational therapy for clients with ADHD and Autism. We provide medication management if necessary. We can also provide LGBTQ+ and transition-affirming care.

Our therapeutic approach and programs have been developed based on what works for our clients and may differ from the average medical clinic. Because we are not limited by insurance constraints, we can personalize every aspect of therapy to meet your specific needs. This means encompassing everything from self-acceptance, reducing brain fog, and couples therapy, to financial planning and even a specialized form of somatic therapy combined with massage.

Our interdisciplinary team of specialists brings a new level of insight and support to our clients, driven by an unwavering commitment to genuine healing. Our staff includes both neurodivergent and neurotypical clinicians with wisdom based on lived experience, so you can rest assured you will be treated with respect, compassion, and deep understanding.

Mental Health Therapy

Fast Track 3-5 Days with Weekly Support for 4 Weeks

Integrative Program 1, 3 or 5 Days with Weekly Support for 4 to 6 Months

Standard Therapy Also Available

Neurodivergent Therapy & Support

Self-Awareness Fast Track 4-5 Days with 2 Sessions a Month for 4 Months

Integrative Program 1-2 Days for 3 to 6 Weeks + Weekly Care for 4 months 1-2 appointments a week. Based on your needs and goals. 

Standard Therapy Also Available

Concussion Treatment & Rehabilitation

Fast Track & After Care Support

5 Days with 2 Sessions a Week for 8 Weeks

Standard Therapy Also Available

The Neurodiversity Clinic Approach

Exploration & Discovery

Every program begins with awareness. We’re here to get to know you, understand you, and help you to understand yourself. We use different assessments throughout different programs to ensure we get a clear picture of how you’re experiencing your life. You’ll explore and discover new things about yourself.

Experience & Empowerment

Healing is a process. It’s important that you not only learn and feel empowered but you also experience healing. This is why we incorporate experiential learning into all of our programs, and we focus on matching the way you like to learn.

Integration & Creation

As you integrate the changes you’re making and the healing that happens, you’ll be empowered to create and step into life in ways that align with what you want and who you are. Our goal is for you to thrive, not to simply survive.

Community & Celebration

We’re here to support you and celebrate you every step of the way. Our goal is to help you create healthy interdependence and a place where you can come, be, and participate as you want to. And we’re also here to coach others in your life to be able to better support you and your unique challenges. So you can have a more supportive community at home, too.

Why We Created Our Clinic

After years of feeling like we were stuck in a system that wasn’t fully serving clients and helping people heal, we decided to create a new pathway forward.

It was time to stop stepping over things, trying to help people without actually empowering them to move forward and heal, and to bring full acknowledgment to each client’s unique experiences and journey.

We believe that it is vital that to create healing we provide an inclusive safe space for all people. Regardless of gender identity, sexuality, age, religious or spiritual beliefs, mental health diagnosis, being on the autism spectrum, race, ethnic background, being part of a marginalized community, or traumatic experiences, you are welcome here.

Bringing New Therapy Models & Programs into the World

While we provide standard therapy (1 or more appointments per month) we have also developed innovative & powerful comprehensive fast-track programs that help you to make big strides and progress in your healing.

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A Place Where Its Safe to Be You

Community Events

Our goal is to build a safe space where you can come and be with your community. Each and every one of our clients is welcome to participate in our events, groups, and activities.

We are currently developing and creating what this looks like so keep an eye out for more information as we continue to grow.

Office Address

970 E 3300 S, Suite 7
Millcreek, Utah, 84106

Hours of Operation

M-Sat: 8am - 7pm
Sunday: Closed

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