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About The Neurodiversity Clinic

Bringing Our Acknowledgement Approach to Mental Health Therapy, Post-Concussion Treatment, and Neurodivergent Therapy

A Therapy Clinic Focused on Bringing You & Your Community Together to Support Life

Bringing a new Approach to therapy & Treatment

The Neurodiversity Clinic exists for people to authentically connect to themselves, to their environment, and to their community. 

We are committed to creating a space that brings healing, embodiment, and equity to our clients and our community. We have created and continue to develop a new way to provide treatment and therapy that supports life, empowers one another, and helps us remember who we truly are, all while living our fulfilled lives.   

While we are located in Utah, we serve patients from around the world in our intensive post-concussion treatment, and in our integrative neurodivergent and mental health therapy programs. 

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Our Values – Things You Can Count on Us For

Reach out to us and let us know what you think about our values and how we might be able to help you!

It’s All Relationship

Our clinic is a space of relationship. We are all connected together as a community, which means there are important components here like boundaries, consent, communication, exploring how to support one another, and discovering what having a safe space means for you and for our community. 

Our team is trained in trauma-informed practices and care as we know this is the best way to facilitate healing and provide safety for all of us. 

Since we’re in this together, we have a profound respect for each of our patients and community members, including our team of specialists and our staff. When we take actions and speak, knowing that we are in this together, we provide a space for us to thrive individually and collectively.

Abundance is Possible & Here

Connection is the pathway to abundance. When we are connected to ourselves and to our community everyone has the opportunity to succeed, to heal, and to participate. Abundance gives us the chance to step out of trauma into love and connection, which empowers us to stop taking actions out of fear or scarcity. 

Through our clinic, you will discover that having real support that focuses on loving who you are, all of who you are, changes the way we  live our lives and build our society.

Discovering Growth

Discovering Growth

Acknowledging growth is the key to seeing how failure can serve you, and breaking out of a “I am a failure” mindset. When we recognize that failure is a perspective, growth is the natural result of learning something new. Experiencing growth empowers us to learn as we live instead of living stuck on a mistake or in shame or blame. Realizing you are never a failure is the most empowering way to see that this journey is all about growth. 

In our world, growing means accepting and acknowledging who we are, where we are at (our levels of ability and capability), and where we want to go. Growth gives us a new way to connect with ourselves and others, leaving us with new possibilities. Growth is an opportunity that helps us discover what we need for stability and expansiveness all at the same time. 

When we operate out of growth we expand abundance, which creates space for all of us to be here and have our needs met. Seeing all of who you are and realizing that you are not actually a failure allows for the opportunity to grow and be who you want to be.  

Inside Out - More than a Diagnosis or Label

We’ve been taught that the outside world determines your worth and value, but that’s not even close to true. Our individual power and worth come from within ourselves. Our ultimate power is acknowledging that the truest words to define us are what comes from our inside to our outside through our authentic voices. What defines you comes from you. 

Regardless of why you’re coming to our clinic, our role is to help you build upon and strengthen the power that is already within you. We are here to give you the tools to create a life of your own living. A life you can feel more comfortable in, accepted, and able to do the things you truly desire. We believe in you, and who you are!  

You can count on us to empower you to speak your truth and hold space for you to discover who you are and who you want to become. The best part is you don’t have to do it alone. 

Diversity Equity & Inclusion

With awareness that we are each unique individuals, our commitment is to break down the barriers between the pieces of ourselves, and the separation that comes when we believe we are not worthy of being included. 

We believe that every person in our community has space to be, contribute and discover alongside all of us. 

Diversity Equity & Inclusion is not about creating a tokenized space or how it looks on the outside. It’s about how we incorporate and create a space together that actually empowers our community to come together as unique individuals and collectively with a deep level of respect for one another. 

This is why we are very vocal about supporting the LGBTQIA+ community and do not discriminate against any marginalized communities. 

Profound Acknowledgement

We are leaders of our own lives and experiences. We each bring leadership, knowledge and expertise that others do not. As a community, when we bring a deep acknowledgement that no one is better or higher than another, together we can all achieve more success using our unique gifts and talents as a whole collective.

In profound acknowledgement, comparison and competition is not a driving factor or a foundational component of our community. Profound acknowledgement is focused on the principle: as I learn from you and you learn from me, we learn together.

When we see ourselves and one another for the unique and powerful people we are, everything begins to shift for the better. We are committed to seeing you for who you are, believing you about your experiences and expertise and for celebrating you. 

We believe that through profound acknowledgement we have the opportunity to discover what it means to create healthy interdependence, with respect to our sovereignty and need for community.

Experiential Learning for Integration & Embodiment with an Interdisciplinary Care Team (ICT)

As part of your therapy, our clinic uses an Interdisciplinary Care Team (ICT) and a wide variety of integrated modalities focused on your unique needs. This will help you to consciously and subconsciously learn, grow, discover, and remember who you are and who you choose to become. 

When we learn new things and make changes and shifts in our body, mind, and soul, it can take time for our brain, nervous system, and environment to shift into alignment. At our clinic, we believe including experiential learning and somatic exercises will help you integrate and embody these shifts more effectively.

While you may meet with one therapist, our team collaborates behind the scenes to support you in your goals and your therapy. Many of our clients will work with more than one type of therapy modality or clinician to take a comprehensive approach to your care so that your body, mind and soul can receive what you need.

About The Neurodiversity Clinic

Established in 2022

Welcome to The Neurodiversity Clinic, where individuals are at the heart of everything we do. We were founded by Sarah McCombie a Mental Health Therapist & Occupational Therapist, and Angela Breeland a Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant in 2022. Our powerful team of specialists and experts come together to provide treatment for post-concussion syndrome, mental health therapy, and therapy for neurodevelopment and neurodiversity. Together, they started this journey to bridge the gaps they found in the medical system and provide comprehensive support to everyone in need.

As an inclusive clinic, we support all people in their healing regardless of religion, gender, age, orientation, or any other differentiating factor. We bring our clinical expertise, a unique therapeutic approach, along with our personal lived experiences to provide a safe space for healing, discovery, and possibility. We are committed to serving our patients while being aware of the challenges many of them may face if they are part of marginalized communities; including those who are LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, and Neurodivergent (Diagnosed or Undiagnosed ADHD, ADD, Autism, etc.) At our clinic, you can count on us to truly listen and support you on your journey.

One of our core beliefs is that when you are struggling with the challenges that come with mental health, being neurodivergent, or after suffering a concussion (PCS) there are a lot of places that act or treat you like you are the problem, when in fact you are not broken. These experiences and medical diagnoses are part of who you are. They make you a beautiful and unique individual, but they do not have to stop you from living an abundant and amazing life or from making powerful changes or from experiencing lasting healing. Everything is possible.

Our approach focuses on empowering you through the challenges that come with being seen and treated as “different.” We promise to look at you as a whole person so that you can flourish and shine. When you come ready to learn, grow and discover, then together we make progress on your goals, and we will look at what we can do to help you to thrive in life. 

Join us as we support you in embracing your true self, heal from trauma, and create a better environment around you, so that you can be and feel your best.

The Neurodiversity Clinic Team

Angela Ericson

Director of Research & Development


Sarah MacCombie

Clinical Director


Deven Jennings

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner


Alice Pugh

Leah Archibald

Team Clinician


Alice Pugh

Jan Candese

Clinical Oversight

Clinical Social Work/Therapist


Alice Pugh

Jessie Cook

ATC, Concussion Expert

Alice Pugh

Alice Pugh

Team Clinician


Alice Pugh

Aschylus Robinson


Alice Pugh

Joney Feliciano Bobe


Alice Pugh

Jaicee Simpkins


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We are growing our team to extend therapy and treatment to more patients. Now more than ever it is important to have a team that understands the way that you approach your collaboration influences the success and results of your patients.

Mental Health Therapists (CMHC, ACMCH, LCSW, etc)

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Occupational Therapists, Assistants, and Aides (OT, OTA, Aides)

Learn new ways to help individuals, families, and communities to heal and improve their quality of life through the approach we take to therapy and treatment here at The Neurodiversity Clinic. 

Athletic Trainer

Ready to help people to not only improve their physical health, but their mental and emotional health too? We bring a full team together to empower our clients to really see progress and have a higher quality of life. 


Looking for experience in a healthcare field? Gain experience in mental health, occupational therapy, and/or concussion rehab experience to stand out as you work on building your career. Let us know if you are interested, we have a variety of internships available. 

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