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Mental Health Therapy & Support

The Importance of Mental Health

Your heart is important to us. Your voice is important to us. Your story is important to us.

You matter.   

We understand when living with the effects of trauma, anxiety, depression, or any other mental health challenge(s), it’s easy to feel lost, confused, isolated, numb or hopeless.  

We have a deep, personal understanding of the complexities of mental health challenges, diagnoses, and the essential journey of traveling your unique and authentic path. We believe in acknowledging your wisdom, self-authority, and personal truth.

We are here for you, and we see you for all of who you are. We believe that deep therapeutic listening and guidance have the power to ease suffering and empower our clients to heal and transform how they experience life.

While the world is beginning to be more understanding of mental health, we believe there is still a long way to go to provide inclusive therapy, spaces, and communities which is why we are here. 

Why would you need Mental health therapy & Support?

Here at our clinic, we give you the space and therapy to acknowledge and move from trauma, into love and connection.

Our commitment is that you have real support, resources, and applicable tools that acknowledge you and focus on loving who you are, all of who you are, empowering you to grow, learn, and heal.

Facing and accepting our mental health, and traumas, and integrating the pieces of ourselves are important for self-coherence. When we can embrace and love every part of ourselves we can be as we are. This helps us to know and feel more than ok. 

Ready to Find an Easier Way

Medication Management

Other Approaches Wanted to "Fix" You

Want to Improve the Quality of Life (Work, Activities, Social Life, Family Life, etc.)

Ready to Have a Healthier Relationship with Yourself

Want to Love ALL of Who You Are

Improve Self-Confidence

Understand Your Needs & Wants More Clearly

Create & Develop Healthier Relationships

Want to Learn New Skills & Tools to Take Care of Yourself

Mental Health Therapy & Programs Focused on Healing

All of our mental health programs are here to:

1. Surround you with a supportive and loving environment for you to be yourself, and to learn how to love and accept all of who you are.

2. Offer you tools to implement in your daily life that can help you build the ability to access self-love, understanding, acceptance, and self-nurturing.

3. Empower you to know how to create your reality, to share and advocate for your needs so that life goes your way more often.

Advanced Mental Health Therapy — Fast Track Programs

3-5 Days + 1 Session a Week for 4 Weeks

This program has been created to specifically help those who are ready to learn more about themselves and begin the inner work related to mental health. This program incorporates occupational therapy and mental health therapy along with needed breaks, and skill building to have more confidence, and explore your feelings, along with what you need to feel safe. 

Ultimately, you will leave this program with more self-awareness, a better understanding of yourself, and more clarity about your feelings, and experiences.

More Confidence & A Deeper Relationship With Yourself

Being diagnosed with a mental health condition doesn’t have to determine all of who you are or who you can become. Our therapy is here to help you embrace and accept the beautiful amazing person you are, all of who you are including your diagnosis.

Safe Space to Set Intentions, Discover, and Explore What You Are Facing

When you are healing from trauma, or dealing with a lot of different mental health struggles it is vital that you experience safety. When you feel safe it is easier to understand and accept your feelings. You will work with licensed therapists, one on one, focused on you so you get to have a say about what you are experiencing.

Strategies, Practices & Experiences to Continue to Grow

While learning is important it is in the applied knowledge and strategies that you begin to discover how to express your needs and have them be met. Our goal is to help you see that through experiences and practice you can continue to grow and become. 

Be More Connected with The World Around You & The People in Your Life

A big part of healing is to see things in new ways and to feel and experience life on a new level. It is important that you know how to connect with yourself and with others. The more you embody who you are the easier it is to be and exist in the world.

Advanced Mental Health Therapy — Integrative Programs to Deeply Heal

1 Day or 3 Days or 5 Days (Over 1 Week, 3 Weeks or 5 Weeks) + With Weekly Care for 4-6 months 1-2 appointments a week. With the option for ongoing therapy based on your needs. 

This program is focused on helping you to prepare to do deep inner work, and then to focus on healing over time.

We start by developing the skills you need to be successful in more intensive therapy before we move onto 4-6 months of focused trauma healing. 

Throughout this program, we will use a variety of modalities to teach you how to regulate your nervous system, practice embodiment, explore and name your feelings, shift thoughts and beliefs, make changes to your environment, and understand who you are now and who you want to become in the future. 

With any deep healing work, it is vital that you are safe and supported, and you have the space to become your authentic self. 

Deepen Your Ability to Regulate Your Nervous System & Take Care of Yourself to Hold Bigger Emotions & Experiences

Oftentimes when we are healing from trauam there is a physical response that can stop us from enjoying or experiencing life. In this program we will help you to understand what’s a trauma response and how to support yourself to move through it to accomplish and be and do the things you want too.

Understand the Levels of Your Identity & How to Love ALL of YOU

You are not broken. Understanding who you are and how to trust, embrace, and express yourself changes the way you experience the world. Our goal is to help you heal so you can be confident and live a life where you are comfortable in your own skin. Where you can use your voice, and ask for what you need. 

Have the Resources to Heal & Integrate the Areas You Want & Need Too

We take the time at the beginning of the program to make sure you have the skills to support yourself through this process and after it is complete. Yes, we are here, and it’s important that you have the skills to support you too. Our goal is you can really see the changes in your life and the impact of healing.  

Tools & Skills to Know How to Support, Nurture, and Unfold Your Authentic Self

Becoming your authentic self can take time, which is why this program truly supports you to be successful in your mental health journey. We use a variety of modalities to develop skills to empower you to discover who you want to be. And we give you tools to see how you are making progress too. 

Mental Health Therapy & Services Focused on Your Needs & Goals


Assessments, Evaluations and Diagnosis

Comprehensive Clinical Evaluation
Mental Health Assessment and Diagnosis
Medication Evaluation and Management
Sensory Profile Assessment

Psychotherapy for Emotional Regulation, Trauma Education and CBT


Embodiment Exercises (Yoga, Dance Therapy, Movement, Streching, Walking etc.)


Art Therapy & Play Therapy


Social Skills Training and Sexuality Therapy


Reframing Skills & Practices


Mindfulness Practices


Self Advocacy and Safety Awareness Therapy


Neuromuscular-based Cognitive Therapy and Rehabilitation


Increase Self-Trust & Inner Wisdom


Meal Preparation Training with Grocery Shopping and Cooking


Sleep Hygiene Therapy


Discover Emotional Awareness & How to Name Emotions


Somatic Massage for Nervous System Resets


Increase & Use Discovery, Inquiry & Curiosity as Tools to Move Foward


Self-Acceptance and Awareness Therapy & Practices


Integrate Healthier Beliefs & Perspective of Self


Executive Functioning Therapy (i.e. organization, prioritization, memory, planning, metacognition, task initiation, etc.)


Self-Love Practices


Breathwork & Breathing Exercises


Sensory Regulation Therapy and Creating a Sensory Diet (including a custom-tailored sensory toolkit)


Home Care Training (i.e. laundry, cleaning, etc.)

The Acknowledgement Approach to Mental Health Therapy

Our approach stems from a deep respect for humanity. It combines our clinical expertise, a unique therapeutic approach, along with our personal lived experiences to provide a safe space for healing, discovery, and possibility.

Profound acknowledgment, one of the core values behind our approach, is focused on the principle: as I learn from you and you learn from me, we learn together.

Ultimately, at our clinic, we are here to learn from one another, lift each other up, and together create the safety we need to heal. Our team leads the way and models how acknowledgment brings safety, healing, and healthy connection.

Exploration & Discovery: It Starts with Awareness

We believe that in order for us to provide quality mental health therapy based on you, we actually need to get to know you, hold space for you, and help you feel and recognize you are safe. We take the time with each of our patients to discover, access, and bring awareness of who you are to you and to our team.

Without awareness it is impossible to fully acknowledge your mental health and what to do about it.

Integration & Creation: Realizing Your New Life

During our time together there will be many moments and experiences of growth. With change, it can take time for things to shift and adjust in reality. As you go through therapy, we will work with you to implement new practices and skills.

These will help you to heal, and reframe as you need moving forward. Our goal is to help you make adjustments and deepen your confidence to know the skills so that you can successfully implement the things we work on moving forward.

Experience & Empowerment: The Circle of Connection

Our multidisciplinary team creates your unique mental health therapy plan. We bring multiple modalities into each patient’s program so that you can learn through feelings, experiences, and strategies that match your unique style of learning.

The more empowered you are to understand yourself, the more empowered you will be to have what you need to take care of yourself, and your mental health.

Our goal is to empower you to make new connections and adjustments that develop your skills and abilities to thrive in your life.

Celebration & Community Support: A Deeper Level of Connection

Every human being needs positive connection, and community support — everybody needs a place to belong. Our goal is that you can improve your relationship and connection with yourself, with people around you, and with society. We have the opportunity to discover, create, and establish healthy interdependence in our community.

We know that as you create healthier connections with yourself, it will be easier to create healthy connections in the world around you with the people you love! 

Frequently Asked Questions About Mental Health Therapy & Medication Management

Here you will find answers to common questions about our approach, therapy, and how we provide services here at our clinic.

How is therapy at the Neurodiversity Clinic different than other places?

We bring a true team approach to your care. Valuing the input of several different types of therapists who have unique professional and life experience allows us to give you customized care and provide you a support network greater than just one therapist! (Even if you only typically meet with the same therapist).

We also offer a very broad range of services and types of therapy, including our own unique blend of somatic therapy combined with massage.

Let us show you the Neurodiversity Clinic difference.

How do your mental health services represent The Neurodiversity Clinic approach?

The Neurodiversity Clinic is dedicated to providing inclusive and specialized care based on current research and how social environments and societal structures either support or hinder the well being of neurodivergent people.

Our mental health branch extends this commitment by offering research-based services as well education on how social structures can impact mental health. This education allows our clients to see their experience in the context of social systems, increasing self-compassion and social justice awareness.

Are your therapists trained and experienced in working with neurodivergent individuals?

Yes, our therapists are all trained in working with neurodiverse clients. We aim to provide our staff with the most up-to-date training and literature on neurodiversity.

We also prioritize hiring neurodiverse, LGBTQIA+, and BIPOC staff to give clients the option to work with therapists who have similar lived experiences. (We also have neurotypical staff as well)

What can I expect from my first visit to your clinic? Do you offer telehealth?

Mostly all therapy offered at The Neurodiversity Clinic can be enjoyed either in-person or via telehealth. For your first visit, we offer a free 15 minute consultation where you can get to know us through phone, Zoom or visit our clinic. During this consultation we ask about your interest in therapy and will share with you how our services can best meet your needs.

Depending on your wants and needs, your first in person session will start with you checking in at the front desk and relaxing in our waiting room (complete with fidgets, magazines, books, and a light snack or drink). Our therapist will invite you into one of three offices. Let our front desk staff know if you would like to have your therapy session in our sensory room! Our sensory room offers a variety of options for lighting, fidgets, weighted blankets and seating including a swing!

We also offer home visits, phone, or video telehealth so you can meet with a therapist in the comfort of your own home.

What types of mental health services do you offer?

Our mental health services include therapy sessions, therapy retreats, diagnostic evaluations, assessments, and medication evaluation/prescription if needed.

There are over 250 different types of mental health therapy. We like to use the style of therapy that fits best for you! This could include any of the following, depending on your needs and preferences: integral therapy, somatic therapy, trauma therapy, attachment therapy, relationship therapy, child therapy, family therapy and group therapy, narrative therapy, LGBTQIA+ affirming and transition therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, art therapy, feminist therapy, Gestalt therapy, transpersonal (spiritual psychology) therapy, among others. We also offer a specialized type of somatic therapy integrating therapeutic massage.

We also offer support with sleep hygiene, financial management, sensory diet integration, meal preparation, career counseling, and other therapies focused on daily life challenges.

Can I see a mental health therapist even if I am not neurodivergent?

Absolutely! Everyone is welcome to participate in our mental health therapy services whether or not you are neurodivergent, and whether or not you have any sort of diagnosis. Neurodiversity includes both neurotypical and neurodivergent persons.

Do you offer support to partners, friends, family members or parents?

Yes! We offer therapeutic support sessions for individual family members, partners, friends and parents of neurodivergent persons or anyone experiencing mental health challenges. We also offer family sessions, parent coaching and relationship therapy.

Call or Email Us for Your FREE Consult!

We know that picking a therapist and taking new steps to get support takes courage, we want you to know that we are here to get to know you and to help you every step of the way through your healing journey.

Regardless of why come to our clinic, our role is to help you build upon and strengthen the power that is already within you. We are here to give you the tools to create a life of your own living. One you can feel more comfortable in, accepted, and able to do the things you truly desire. We believe in you, and who you are!  

You can count on us to empower you to speak your truth, hold space for you to discover who you are and who you want to become. The best part is you don’t have to do it alone.

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