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Neurodivergent Therapy & Support

What Does it Mean to be Neurodivergent?

Everybody has a unique lived experience.

As a neurodivergent individual, it can seem like you don’t quite fit anywhere or that you aren’t seen or heard. Here at our clinic, you can count on us to listen, to see you, to empower you, and to support you as you develop awareness and acceptance,  learn and strengthen skills, and create healthy habits based on what you actually need to promote growth.

Life is ever moving and changing, it is not stagnant. At our clinic we focus on growth., meaning we are here to provide guidance  during the process of accepting and acknowledging who you are, your current levels of ability and capability, and where you want your life to go. There’s no room for shame to spread while we are focused on our growth.

Why would you need therapy & Support?

It’s important to recognize that being neurodivergent is not a character flaw. It is a way of understanding, responding to, and interacting with the world around you, the environment. There are many strengths and gifts that are part of being Neurodivergent.

There are also many challenges that come along with being Neurodivergent in a neurotypically built world: misunderstandings, miscommunications, needing to request accommodations, feeling unseen or misunderstood, strong emotions, overwhelming sensory experiences, and struggling to understand yourself and your needs.

This can feel like you are all alone.

At our clinic, we provide therapy and support to make it easier for you to navigate the world on your terms.

Our programs are designed to help you increase your personal understanding of your needs and develop the skills to advocate for them. We also help others in your relationship circles (family, partners, work, school) to understand and support you better. You are not the only one who will benefit from change and growth.

We strive to meet you where you are in your journey by providing strategies and tools you can implement into daily life to help you accomplish what you want and need too.

You don’t have to be alone!  We are here to coach, educate, challenge, and encourage you and your loved ones on this process of self-awareness, self-acceptance, and moving toward your goals.

Understand Your Needs & Wants More Clearly


Learn to Advocate for Your Needs

Other Approaches Wanted to "Fix" You

Want to Improve the Quality of Life (Work, Activities, Social Life, Family Life, etc.)

Develop & Practice a Growth Mindset

Want to Love ALL of Who You Are

Improve Self-Confidence & Self- Acceptance

Discover & Implement Tools That Support You in Your Life

Create & Develop Healthier Relationships

Want to Learn New Skills & Tools to Take Care of Yourself

Advanced Neurodiversity Therapy — Support to Live Life on Your Terms  

2 to 4 Sessions a Month for 3-6 Months Based on Your Specific Needs with Additional Sessions as Long as You Want

This advanced treatment combines executive functioning strategies and skills training support, trauma and emotional regulation, along with medication management. The best part is that you get what you need in one clinic, from a multidisciplinary team.

Our therapeutic approach is focused on meeting you right where you are to give you the support you need. The therapy combines a variety of specialists including occupational therapists, mental health therapists, and a physician to manage medications if needed.

During therapy, we discover who you are through the unmasking process, we deconstruct the stigma of being neurodiverse, and we also look at making sure your external environment supports you, and is not soley you making all the adaptations or changes to “fit in”. 

You are not broken! We promise to listen and empower you to navigate the world on your terms. 

Therapy at The Neurodiversity Clinic is for anyone who is diagnosed or undiagnosed or self-diagnosed with ADHD, Autism, CPTSD or any level of neurodivergence.

Increase Self-Awareness

In this program, we help you learn how to acknowledge your needs and wants. We create a safe environment to increase self-awareness, and practice communicating your needs through each and every session.

Discover What Makes You, You & Navigate How to Accept Your Authentic Self

During our time together we will talk about all sorts of aspects of your life, and what it looks like for you in your day to day. Our goal is to help you discover who you are, and learn how to embrace and love your authentic self. 

It can take time to see that who we are is really amazing. During therapy, we will navigate what it means and looks like to accept and become your full authentic self.

You deserve the opportunity to be you, and not have to be stuck living by everyone else’s rules.

Look at the Environment Around You & Learn to Ask for What You Need

We work to help you organize your closet better. If that means helping you have a visual for your morning routine, we will create it. Our goal is that you have what you need outside of therapy so that what we do together helps you long-term.

Focusing on social and or community so you’re not the only one who makes changes in your environment. We help with family partner coaching and self advocacy in your relationships.

Learn New Strategies & Tools to Help You in Your Every Day Life

We look at your unique needs and help you tap into your magical abilities related to executive function, and emotional regulation. This means we help you create systems and structures to use and apply right now. 

We help you learn how to make plans and start to implement things. We help you understand and support your sensory needs, and teach you how to have your needs met and to speak up when you need help or even allow another person to support you on your terms. 

In therapy, we create custom ways for you to remember and apply the tools so that what we do here helps you in your daily life and not just in the clinic.

We Help you get Accommodations for Work & School

We work with you to look at the environment(s) around you, be it home, work, school, any where you spend time. We will go look at what needs to be adjusted to support you better on your terms.

We write letters to help you in your everyday life for the accommodations you need.

Advanced Neurodiversity Therapy — Fast Track: Build Self-Awareness to Advocate & Understand Your Self

3 Days + 2 Sessions of Coaching a Month for 4 Months + Daily Support

This program has been created to specifically help those who are neurodivergent, whether you are diagnosed, self-diagnosed, or undiagnosed. This program incorporates occupational therapy and mental health therapy along with needed breaks, and skill building. The main purpose of this program is to deeply understand your needs and accept that your needs are as important as everyone else’s needs. You have the right to know your needs, express your needs, and have your needs met.

Ultimately, you will leave this program with more self-awareness, a better understanding of yourself, and more confidence as you advocate for your needs.

Improve Self-Awareness

In this program, you will learn to validate and acknowledge your needs, physically, and emotionally. We create a safe environment to increase self-awareness, and practice communicating your needs through the just right challenge. 

A New Pathway Forward with Clarity on the Habits & Changes to Make

During our time together we will be building new neural pathways, focusing on improving executive function, self-regulation, and understanding how to apply tools to regulate your nervous system. Our goal is to help you feel confident in making the changes and have the confidence to ask for help instead of ignoring your needs or leaving them alone. 

Build More Support & Habits to Have Your Needs Met Long Term

When you actually know your needs and begin to express them then your environment starts to shift. These skills will help you to know what you need and what to do to have those needs met beyond your therapy program.

Strategies, Tools, Techniques & Tidbids to Take With You

We look at your unique needs and help you tap into your magical abilities related to executive function. This means we help you create systems and structures to use right now. 

We teach you how to make a plan when you feel stuck and to understand your cues (thoughts, feelings, sensory, etc) to help you know more about your needs and what you can do to have your needs met. This may include asking for help, or knowing how to not do it on your own if you really don’t want to.  

We have a framework that you can use not only during the program but throughout life to have more clarity on what to do when things change or you need additional support. 


Aftercare Long-Term Support

This program could be a good fit for those who want to use their ability to hyper-focus and increase their self-understanding and awareness. If you are ready to recognize your difficulties as well as your strengths, then this fast-track neurodivergent therapy plan is here to help you on your way.

Our clients who love to integrate quickly, or want to really make a lot of progress in a short amount of time—this is for you. 

Learning new skills takes time, and we are here to help you have support over time as you address the changes and make these shifts in your life.  

This program will focus on one or two specific areas that you want and need.

Advanced Neurodiversity Therapy — Integrative Program

1 Day a Week for 6 Weeks + Weekly Care for 4 months 1-2 appointments a week + Support. Based on your needs and goals. 

This integrative program has a very similar focus to our Fast Track, with a deeper focus on empowering you to experiment more with what you need over time. Our goal is that you leave knowing what systems and tools you need in place to thrive in your life. And you can learn the power of letting things go that no longer serve you.

Our therapists are here to help you learn more about your barriers and accountability in a loving way. Through occupational therapy, mental health therapy, and other modalities you will better understand yourself. 

This looks like: 

1. Experiment

2. Notice What’s Happening & Strengthen Your Awareness

3. Take the Time to Implement and Try Strategies, Tools, or Practices

4. Make Changes You Need to Be Successful & Let Things Go That Don’t Serve You

5. Repeat.

In this integrative program have more time to experiment with what works for what you need right now and how to adjust in the long term too. 

This program provides flexible scheduling options to accommodate your other responsibilities. 

Take Your Awareness & Have the Support to Initiate & Implement New Actions

As you increase your awareness, it’s important to know what to do after the awareness. In our integrative program, we help you to set up new systems and habits that actually work for you so you can take new actions that support you in your real life.

Implementing & Adjusting Strategies Tools and Tidbits to Shift Your Environment

Having the time to practice tools and strategies to sort out which ones actually work for you is important. While these are always great in theory if they are not adjusted or applied to your life, your environment, or how you see and take initiative in the world then they are just tools on a shelf collecting dust.

The goal here is for you to leave with a toolbox full of strategies and things that work for you. Knowing how to make the changes you need in the environment around you is a vital skill for you to thrive.

Begin to Apply Strategies Tools and Tidbits

We are here to review the tools you already use, and to help you learn new tools. It’s important that we discover and explore a variety of tools so you can find what works.

More Feedback & Practice to Make Adjustments & Changes Less Stressful

Making big changes can take time, and this program is designed to give you time between sessions, and to help you really make the changes with yourself, in your relationships with others, and in your environment and life outside the clinic.

We want you to be successful outside of therapy and our clinic so that you can have a higher quality of life, and experience more of what you want too.

Aftercare & Long-Term Support

The integrative program could be a good fit for those who have the ability to self-reflect and are willing to learn, experiment with strategies, and receive support.

Our clients who need more time to integrate, or want to work on making their environment and relationships around them better— this is for you.

Learning new skills takes time, and we are here to support you over time as you make shifts in your life.

This program will focus on up to four areas of your life that you want and need support in.

The Acknowledgement Approach to Neurodivergence Therapy

Our approach stems from a deep respect for humanity. It combines our clinical expertise, a unique therapeutic approach, along with our personal lived experiences to provide a safe space for healing, discovery, and possibility.

Profound acknowledgment, one of the core values behind our approach, is focused on the principle: as I learn from you and you learn from me, we learn together.

Ultimately, at our clinic, we are here to learn from one another, lift each other up, and together create the safety we need to heal. Our team leads the way and models how acknowledgment brings safety, healing, and healthy connection.

Exploration & Discovery: It Starts with Awareness

We believe that in order for us to provide quality therapy based on you, we actually need to get to know you, hold space for you, and help you feel and recognize you are safe. We take the time with each of our patients to discover, access, and bring awareness of who you are to you and to our team.

Every person who is neurodivergent has a unique experience so we do not use a cookie-cutter approach to your care. Which makes exploration that much more important as part. of your therapy.

Integration & Creation: Realizing Your New Life

During our time together there will be many moments and experiences of growth. With change, it can take time for things to shift and adjust in reality. As you implement new practices and skills, we will help you make adjustments and deepen your skills so that you can successfully implement the things we work on.

We know that it can take time to adjust, and that in a lot of places you are not allowed to fully be yourself. Here we give you that space to feel the feelings, and to truly embrace the gift that you are. Being neurodivergent iis not a character flaw.

Experience & Empowerment: The Circle of Connection

Our multidisciplinary team creates your unique therapy plan. We bring multiple modalities into each client’s program so that you can learn through feelings, experiences, and strategies that match your unique style of learning. Our goal is to empower you to make new connections and adjustments that develop your skills and abilities to thrive in your life.

Celebration & Community Support: A Deeper Level of Connection

Being neurodivergent, relationships can seem like one of the hardest areas to strengthen. Here at the clinic, we have the space for you to practice your skills and show up as you.

Every human being needs positive connection, and community support — everybody needs a place to belong. Our goal is that you can improve your relationship and connection with yourself, with people around you, and with society. We have the opportunity to discover, create, and establish healthy interdependence in our community.


Frequently Asked Questions About Neurodevelopment Therapy & Support

Here you will find answers to common questions about our approach, therapy, and how we provide services here at our clinic.

What Makes Therapy Different at the neurodiversity Clinic?

Our multidisciplinary team brings a whole new way to support the neurodivergent community. Most therapy happens here and there making it harder to see progress, and make the changes you need and want. 

Here we have created a way that makes it more focused on you and it gives you more support than traditional therapy. You are not broken and you have the right to thrive in your life. 

What can I expect from therapy?

We start with a full evaluation to fully explore how you are currently experiencing your life and relationships. From this, we create a treatment plan customized to your specific needs. Here we let you know which program will best suit your needs, or if standard therapy is a better route. We’ll create a plan that will work for you as you work with our team!

Are there breaks? What happens if I have a sensory overload?

During your therapy programs, we have breaks built into your time. Our goal is not to push you into overwhelm. We will discover where you are and even what you need if you do experience sensory overload.

Together, we can learn how to help you have the support you need through these experiences. We promise to listen, hold space for you, and believe you when you share your needs with us. 

Call or Email Us for Your FREE Consult!

We know that picking a therapist and taking new steps to get support takes courage, we want you to know that we are here to get to know you and to help you every step of the way through your healing journey.

Regardless of why come to our clinic, our role is to help you build upon and strengthen the power that is already within you. We are here to give you the tools to create a life of your own living. One you can feel more comfortable in, accepted, and able to do the things you truly desire. We believe in you, and who you are!  

You can count on us to empower you to speak your truth, hold space for you to discover who you are and who you want to become. The best part is you don’t have to do it alone.

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