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Post-Concussion Treatment & Support

A Concussion is More than “Just” a Brain Injury

Although many people might think of concussion as only a “mild” brain injury, in reality, it is often severe injuries to several systems of the body.  This can include not only the brain but also musculoskeletal, cervical or spinal, vestibular and inner ear, occular/visual motor systems, and the often neglected psychological health!

Every concussion is unique and different and has its own unique constellation of these injuries. You can have severe injuries to several systems in your body and look perfectly normal and healthy at the same time. For this reason, a comprehensive approach to concussion care is always needed, both in assessment and treatment.

Concussions can sometimes create symptoms that don’t go away, even after decades, and this can happen even from concussions that don’t seem as serious in the beginning.  

What is Post-Concussion Syndrome?

This includes experiencing symptoms for longer than 3 months like fatigue, brain fog, dizziness, anxiety, depression, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), visual problems, memory problems, and more.

After a concussion, there can be major life changes that are difficult to treat by standard medical approaches.  At the Neurodiversity Clinic, we bring together a team of experts to help you understand your injury better and treat your symptoms using our unique intensive approach.

Our approach combines an Interdisciplinary Care Team (ICT) to bring focused treatment to your specific symptoms, abilities, and goals for your future.

Why would you need treatment after a concussion?

A concussion is often more than just a brain injury. While many may refer to it as mild TBI, it is important to acknowledge that these injuries can alter the way your brain and body works and functions, even though you may look perfectly normal. This often makes it difficult to be understood by others in your life. These injuries can completely change your abilities, challenge your life, your relationships, and in particular your relationship with yourself.

You may have days you feel mostly normal and think you’re fine, followed by days that surprise you with severe symptoms, leading to a sense of fear, never knowing if you’re okay or not. Oftentimes, a concussion will require you to relearn how to think clearly and do the things you could typically do or handle in the past.

It can be shocking how much a concussion can change things. We’re here to help you know that you don’t have to live or be stuck with your symptoms. We actually understand your injury and can help heal and treat your symptoms so you can start feeling better.

Our advanced post-concussion treatment has been created to empower you to heal your brain and create new neural pathways by tapping into neuroscience and neuroplasticity. Our intensive program gives you new tools and skills to continue to improve, evolve, and grow as a person.

There are many reasons why treatment at The Neurodiversity Clinic might be right for you!

Create New & More Efficient Neural Pathways

Improve Your Ability to Concentrate, Focus & Remember Things

You Have Tried to "Deal" With How Your Brain Works

Reduce Overall Stress and Improve Brain Function

Get Better Sleep & Increase Your Ability to Relax

See Short & Long Term Improvements

Improve Self-Confidence and feel more "normal" again

Improve Visual Processing, Spacial Awareness & More

Decreased Headache Pain & Overstimulation

Learn New Skills & Tools to Take Care of Yourself

We Use A Comprehensive Treatment with Multiple Specialists & Experts Focused on You

One vital clinician foundational to your care is the Occupational Therapist. Our Occupational Therapists are trained and qualified to look at your injury not only regarding the aspects of structural injury to several systems of your body, but also regarding how your injury has negatively impacted specific areas of your life  including family, relationships, work, school, and play.

Your fast track treatment will include specific ways to integrate your healing with all the systems in your life and body that have been disrupted. A comprehensive plan for your recovery also includes mental health care, with several certified mental health professionals on the team to help you and your loved ones understand you better and provide the support you need to thrive.

The best part is that no expensive diagnostic or specialized brain scans are required for this advanced treatment!

Advanced Acute Concussion & Post-Concussion Syndrome Treatment — Fast Track Intensive

5 Day Fast Track Intensive with Integrative After Care

Our clinically proven Advanced Concussion Treatment program gives you a fast track to improvements. Our treatment will focus on your symptoms and the areas you want to see and experience improvements in.

Typically, each patient will work with us for 6-8 hours each day and with a variety of therapists too. This approach taps into neurovascular coupling (NVC) which increases healthy blood flow and creates rejuvinated and healthy neuronal connections in the brain.

Advanced Concussion Treatment also includes 8 weeks of follow-up care and an additional 16 hours of treatment. This includes a 1-hour weekly session focused on exercises and treatment and a 1-hour mental health counseling appointment so that you have the emotional support you need as you and your brain adjust to the new version of you.

Overcome Brain Fog, Fatigue, Memory Problems, Irritability, and More

Concussions often cause several different negative symptoms and many unique challenges. We’ll target your treatment to your specific symptoms. Our goal is for you to see and feel significant improvement throughout the week and long after you are done working with us.

Use a Comprehensive Approach to Help Your Whole Body Adjust to Healthier Brain Function

The science behind our approach and the way we collaborate with our multidisciplinary team change the outcomes and the way that treatment looks. We look at your brain, body, and who you are to bring a comprehensive approach to your care.

Understand Who You Are Now & How to Move Forward

Concussions also often bring about shifts in who you are as a person and your abilities. Our treatment program will help you rediscover who you are and who you want to become moving forward.

Sustainable Shifts & Long-Term Support

While you may accomplish lots of progress in our Advanced Concussion Treatment program, we know it’s important that you have support as you integrate back into your daily life. Reintegration needs holding and support, which is why we are here to provide a team of specialists moving forward.

Additional Concussion Support & Therapy —

1-2 Additional Treatment Days

For those who need more than our Advanced Concussion Therapy intensive, we provide additional treatment days to continue to support and treat your brain.

These are on a case-by-case basis and not a requirement to receive care for a concussion or brain injury at our clinic.


Additional Treatment & Support After Your Fast Track Program

Some clients need or want additional support a few months after they have completed their Advanced Concussion Therapy program. We provide 1-2 days of additional treatment to focus on the support you need as you continue to heal.

More Time to Experience, Adjust and Integrate the Changes

Brain injuries can influence your life in a big way, which is why we’re happy to provide you more treatment as you need it. This gives you additional time to make changes, adjustments, and take another look at your life after you take the biggest strides in your healing after an Advanced Concussion Therapy fast track intensive program.

Concussion Treatment & Services Focused on Your Needs & Goals


Assessments, Evaluations and Diagnosis

Comprehensive Clinical Evaluation
Mental Health Assessment and Diagnosis
Medication Evaluation and Management
Sensory Profile Assessment
Vestibular, Balance, and Visual Assessment

Executive Functioning Therapy (i.e. organization, prioritization, memory, planning, metacognition, task initiation, etc.)


Relearrn Social Skills and Social Ques


Discovering and Working with Your Unique Learning Style


Time Management Training


Eye Retraining and Visual Therapy


Sensory Regulation Therapy and Creating a Sensory Diet (including a custom-tailored sensory toolkit)


Exercises & Practices to Continue Healing Your Brain & Body


Self Advocacy and Safety Awareness Training


Neuromuscular-based Cognitive Therapy and Rehabilitation


Headache and Body Work


Psychotherapy for Emotional Regulation, Trauma Education and CBT


Self-Acceptance, Awareness, and Mindfulness Therapy


Goal Based Occupational Therapy


Sleep Hygiene Therapy


Somatic Massage


Life Adaptations with Technology Training


Identity Development


Body Movement Practices

The Neurodiversity Clinic Approach to Concussion Treatment

Our approach is based on acknowledging what’s happening with your brain injury and what’s possible as you and your brain work on healing.

We integrate our core values throughout the most advanced methods of concussion care being employed today.


Exploration & Discovery: It Starts with Awareness

In order for us to provide quality concussion treatment based on you, we need to get to know you. It’s our job to hold space for you and help you feel and recognize you are safe. We take the time with each of our clients to discover, access, and bring awareness of who you are to you and to our team.

We use comprehensive evaluations at the beginning and throughout your concussion treatment to have the best possible awareness of how your concussion is affecting your life and your function. This is the foundation of a comprehensive treatment plan customized to you.

Integration & Creation: Realizing Your New Life

During our time together there will be many moments and experiences of growth. With change, it can take time for things to shift and adjust in reality. In our concussion treatment, you make significant changes quickly and it can take time to fully settle into who you are becoming.

There will be lots of tools and skills you can implement and use after treatment to successfully integrate and empower healthy functioning and a healthy life moving forward.

Experience & Empowerment: The Circle of Connection

Our Interdisciplinary Care Team (ICT) creates your unique concussion fast track treatment. We bring multiple modalities into your program so that you can learn through feelings, experiences, and strategies that match your unique style of learning.

Our goal is to empower you to make new connections and adjustments that develop your skills and abilities to thrive in your life.

Throughout your concussion treatment you will build stronger connections in your brain and body, and you will build connections with our team too!

Celebration & Community Support: A Deeper Level of Connection

Every human being needs positive connection, and community support — everybody needs a place to belong. Our goal is that you can improve your relationship and connection with yourself, with people around you, and with society. We have the opportunity to discover, create, and establish healthy interdependence in our community.

After treatment you may notice you are not exactly who you were before, and that’s totally okay. You can continue to build and cultivate this changing relationship with those around you and yourself. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Concussion Treatment & Long-Term Support

Here you will find answers to common questions about our approach, treatment, and how we provide services here at our clinic.

How is this different from other places? Do you require expensive diagnostic imaging?

Very few places in the world offer advanced intensive concussion rehabilitation utilizing an experienced Interdisciplinary Care Team (ICT) like we do. Often these places are extremely expensive and require extensive diagnostic imaging. Our clinic offers all of the advanced treatment with no need for expensive imaging or brain scan (MRI, fMRI, DTI, SPECT, CT, etc.) requirements.

How much does it cost?

Our programs can vary between $6,000 to $8,500 per week depending on your level of needs. Our goal is to be sure it is more affordable, without cutting any corners for your care.

Do you use functional neurology practices as part of your treatment program?

No, the term “functional neurologist” was created by chiropractors and chiropractic groups.

The Neurodiversity Clinic is an Interdisciplinary Care Team (ICT) of licensed occupational therapists, mental health counselors, psychiatric nurse practitioners, and other specialists.

We work as a team to give you the best treatment possible.

What does therapy look like during the week?

Every day of treatment you will have between 6-8 appointments rotating between specialists and clinicians in our Interdisciplinary Care Team (ICT). Based on your needs, this may include neuromuscular therapy, cognitive therapy, mental health therapy, occupational therapy, and more. Overall it’s a unique experience that is really going to be customized to you!

Do you have to live in Utah to get treatment?

Absolutely not! We work with clients from around the world and the United States.

Typically, people come and stay at a hotel or a local Airbnb during their treatment and enjoy the beautiful Millcreek mountain area.

Schedule a free consultation for more information on available lodging and arrangements.

We love working with anyone who needs our treatment and look forward to meeting you!

What kind of results can i expect from the treatment?

We use a variety of ways to track your results including self-reporting for the post-concussion symptom scale, visual diagnostics, nervous system metrics, quality of life assessment, and our clinician’s reports.

On average, our clients self-report a 65% or higher improvement in their symptoms after the week of treatment, and a much higher quality of life assessment score. 

Call or Email Us for Your FREE Consult!

We know that choosing a recovery program and taking new steps to get support takes courage, and we want you to know that we’re here to get to know you and help you every step of the way through your healing journey.

Regardless of why you come to our clinic, our role is to help you build upon and strengthen the power that is already within you. We’re here to give you the tools to create a life of your own living. A life you can feel more comfortable in, accepted, and able to do the things you truly desire. We believe in you and who you are!  

You can count on us to empower you to speak your truth, hold space for you to discover who you are and who you want to become. The best part is you don’t have to do it alone.

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