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Our programs are built on three phases of care. Each phase has been developed incorporating research from experts in the field such as Russell Barkley and lived experience from both our clinicians and our clients. 

Care is about understanding you, which requires a variety of strategies and supports based on the stressors in your life and on your individual experiences. It takes time and patience to develop an understanding and acceptance of your personal limitations and abilities, to incorporate “just right” accommodations, and to implement a treatment plan founded on your goals. 

The fourth phase is designed to continue to support and bring our community together as we heal. This community will provide a space for healthy connection and a safe place where we belong. 

Phase 1 - Exploration & Discovery

Here you’ll gain a stronger sense of the challenges you’re facing and the skills you want to develop such as focus, time management, executive function, and sensory care. During this phase, we use self-assessments and activities to determine strengths and barriers, systems, automatic thoughts, coping skills, energy flow, triggers, glimmers, and stimming by increasing awareness, mindfulness, and recognition of body cues and signs.   

Phase 2 - Experience & Empowerment

Experimentation and unique application are central components of the second phase. We combine your unique profile with proven strategies to craft systems that optimize your strengths. You learn to adapt them to improve their effectiveness, and to recognize the specific level of support you need based upon your current needs. We also know that different people learn differently so here we explore and discover together. 

Phase 3 - Integration & Creation

Knowledge without application is simply knowledge. We are here to implement and use what you have learned about yourself, your needs, and the best support strategy, and implement these systems into your life.  By building self-advocacy skills along with ongoing support through appointments, coaching, workshops, and groups you are able to better communicate how others in your life can provide support. 

Phase 4 - Community & Celebration

We are building a community, a safe space where you get to participate and find connection. As we are healing it is vital to our wellbeing that we find people we can be ourselves with. We are here to create healthy relationships and interdependence so that you can have continued support. Our goal is that as we grow our community grows and continues to provide a place to come together to learn, grow and heal. 

Inclusive Services

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Mental Health Therapy & Medication Management






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Therapy & Support for Neurodivergent Individuals


Autism Spectrum – Diagnosed or Undiagnosed

Sensory Processing

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Acute & Post Concussion Syndrome Treatment

Memory Problems

Long Term Physical Pain

Cognitive Processing Delays

Vision Problems

Balance Isses

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We Look at Mental Health, Brain Injuries, and Being Neurodivergent in New Way

Understand You Are Not Broken - You Are a Gift

We’re changing the idea that having mental health challenges, brain injuries, or being neurodivergent is only a problem. These experiences are part of who we are, and give us unique and beautiful ways to be in the world. And we can still do things to heal or tackle problems when these situations bring us tough challenges.

You Are Allowed to Speak Your Truth

Having a say in your care and needs is important in the healing process. We’re here to listen and empower you to be heard. We’ll help you learn how to advocate for your needs.

You Aren't Alone

When you’re in a supportive and caring environment, it changes the way you face life. We’re here to be with you on your journey. And the best part is you don’t have to walk alone if you don’t want to. We’ll also help coach those in your life how to understand and support you better. You’re not alone!

You Can Learn New Things Even if it Takes Time

We believe everyone can learn new skills and make important changes where they’re needed. Regardless of your diagnosis, it is possible to learn and grow. It’s even possible to recover from a brain injury, even if it takes some time.

Your Needs Are Important

Many of us have been trained to put our needs last or to ignore our needs, but you deserve to have needs. Every human has them, and when we ignore them we can suffer for a very long time. It’s never too late to learn how to take care of your needs and for others to learn how to support you better!

You Are Allowed to Dream & Fulfill Your Potential

We’re not here to box you in or “fix” you. We are here to help you see and discover your abilities and limitations and align them with who you are and who you want to be.

OUR WHY Connected to Your WHY?

Our therapy and treatment focus on empowering you through the things you are dealing with. We bring a variety of modalities and a unique approach that gives you access to what you need, and not just what we think you need.

We promise to look at you as a whole person so that you can flourish and shine. When you come ready to learn, grow and discover, then together we make progress on your goals, and we discover and implement how to help you to thrive in life. 

How to Start Therapy or Treatment?

Call Us or Email Us for a Free Consult

We’re here to make it as easy as possible for you to learn more about what we do. Want to talk on the phone? Great! Want to talk via email? Fabulous! Want to meet in person? That works too!

Make a Plan Based on Your Unique Needs

Our goal is to really know what you need. We take the time to ask questions and understand, so that the plan we craft for you is actually going to help you make improvements in the areas you want. We offer experienced guidance to help you figure out what’s best for you.

Start Your Therapy or Program

Our programs and framework of care offer you customized modalities and flexibility to meet you where you are and help you make progress and heal. While each program has goals, and specific intentions each program will look a little different based on your area of focus and your goals.

Stay Supported & Connected with Our Community

Every client who works with us is a part of our community moving forward. We’re building more services and activities as we expand our clinic where you can participate and stay connected with us.

A Treatment Plan Designed for You to Experience Long-Term Success & Lasting Change

People experiencing mental health challenges, concussions, and being neurodivergent need programs and specialists focused on a long-term solution and support system. This is why we use a variety of assessments, and we work with a whole team to collaborate on your needs.

Even our unique fast-track programs are designed to help you make the shifts and changes you need over time. That’s why every one of our programs includes time for integration and change.  Everyone receiving therapy or participating in a treatment program at the Neurodiversity Clinic will receive support to make long-term changes.

Mental Health Therapists & Counselors

Our Mental Health Therapists are trained and certified in a variety of modalities. We use best practices for trauma-informed care to create a safe space for you to heal.

Occupational Therapists & Therapy Assistants

By implementing and teaching the just right principle, our Occupational Therapists are here to empower you and help you implement as you learn what your abilities and limitations are.

Nurse Practitioners

Sometimes medications are helpful for Mental Health and Neurodivergent care. Our Psychiatric Nurse Practicioners provide valuable insight and medication management expertise. Having them on our team helps us ensure that your needs are being met and we are on the same page about your care moving forward.

Certified Athletic Trainers

These experts help us with a variety of experiences as we regulate the nervous system, brain, and body. When we use multi-modalities to learn and experience something new it makes it easier to learn and grow.

Bodyworkers, Coaches, and More

Since we are here to support all of you, this means we work with a variety of specialists and experts to provide the care you need. From massage, coaching, meditations, or sensory experiences we have a team here to focus on your needs and your healing. 

Ready to Make a Change?

It takes courage to do something different, to get support, and to heal. We are here to listen, believe in you, and empower you as you move forward!

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